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for individuals

hayli offers services to a broad spectrum of users from all over the world


Undergraduate and graduate students can find unique deals and airdrop opportunities available in their campus space, or benefit from trackable and transparent donations made via charity funds on Hayli

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Emerging artists can create, sell, and increase the visibility of individual NFTs and collections on a user-friendly interface for affordable costs 


deal hunters

Find the best deals, gift cards, and airdrops from your favorite brands while navigating through Hayli’s vibrant NFT marketplace


for enterprises

There is no exclusivity and ‘one size fits all’ principle on Hayli. Regardless of the size of budget, market shares, and level of technical knowledge about NFTs, Hayli brings a broad range of enterprises under a single platform and aims to sharply reduce Web 3.0’s entry barriers.



Public figures and creators of viral media can considerably benefit from Hayli. Here, they can easily collaborate with a number of enterprises and digital agencies in various NFT-based marketing campaigns. 

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Hayli aims to bring the entry barriers as low as possible. Therefore, all kinds of SMEs, including local stores, hotels, restaurants and cafes, can start benefiting from NFTs for affordable costs without the need for high levels of technical knowledge about the NFTs and broader Web 3.0

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Large enterprises with high global or regional presence can effectively use Hayli’s social app and NFT features to enhance their engagement with consumers. Giants no longer need a dozen apps to manage each of their NFT-based campaigns. All they need is Hayli.

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Enterprise Packages


per month

Mint 5 NFT Collection

(500 Max Each)

2500 w2w NFT Transfer

%7.5 Hayli Commission

2 Enterprise Room

(50 Speaker Limit Each)

1 Day Campaign

Basic Support (mail)



per month

Mint 10 NFT Collection

(500 Max Each)

5000 w2w NFT Transfer

%5 Hayli Commission

5 Enterprise Room

(50 Speaker Limit Each)

1 Week Campaign

1 Day Room Boost

5/10 Live Support



per month

Mint 30 NFT Collection

(500 Max Each)

15000 w2w NFT Transfer

%2.5 Hayli Commission

10 Enterprise Room

(50 Speaker Limit Each)

2 Week Campaign

5 Day Room Boost

5/10 Live Support

AI Keywords


To become an enterprise user, you must click the button, read the QR Code and log in. 
Once your Enterprise account is approved, you can purchase packages for the subscription.
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